Fuse Gain Adjustment

Does anybody know if the Fuse reads Gain Tags (Track or Album Gain) in MP3 files to adjust volume or is it necessary to actually change the MP3’s files before loading into the Fuse?

Thanks for any info!


No, it doesn’t.  I actually don’t know of any player that reads ReplayGain tags.

The best thing to do is use MP3Gain.  It does a ReplayGain analysis and then actually applies the gain to the audio data.  It also stores the analysis results in tags so you can undo the gain or change to a different target gain.  I would suggest 92dB as a good target gain for portable players.  Also make sure you choose the “automatically prevent clipping” option.

If you are using MSC mode, you can just run MP3Gain on the files on the Fuze and leave your original files alone.  If you are using MTP, you’ll probably have to run it on the files on your computer before transferring to the Fuze.

Media Monkey can also apply the gain tag to the audio data.