Function of the "Albums" folder?

I guess the “Albums” folder is there for a reason. I don’t see any mention of it in the manual. Currently my Albums’ folder contains one .alb file


Most likely created by WMP.  The .alb file(s) you see in that folder should be 0 bytes in length as there is no accompanying album art jpegs stored on the Clip.  I deleted my albums folder and the Clip showed no ill effects, just did a “refresh database” when I unplugged it.  It didn’t recreate the folder, either.

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The Albums folder is for putting albums in!  :stuck_out_tongue:  That’s what I put my music into rather than the Music folder.

I was assuming the folder name meant what it said :slight_smile: just no mention of it in the manual, just to put songs in the Music folder.

I think you are right there PP as I did have a play with WMP at one stage.

I gave up on playlists in the MTP mode, didn’t seem to be able to get them right, one folder that had 26 songs in it would only show 11, I also had a problem with getting the correct order songs played in, even though they were sorted correctly. Swapped to MSC mode which doesn’t seem to have any problems apart from a longer time to refresh the database.

You may also want to try MediaMonkey.  I’ve been using it for a while with my Sansa Clip, no problems.