I love the connect, the interface is the best I’ve ever used on a player, as are the controls. The wheel works perfectly. It is by far the best implantation of a wheel in any player. The battery life isn’t spectacular but it lasts my whole day, so I’m satisfied with it. The wireless radio is a nice addition although I don’t use it very often. The player is gorgeous and feels just right in my hand. However I have a serious gripe with this player, and sandisk as a company. This is the fourth sandisk sansa player in my family, I love the series of players, sandisk really did a good job. I’m a linux user and so far theyve done a good job at implanting UMS in all their playres through method or another, most of them leave it as a option right on the menus. However, this one does not. Okay, fine, I can use libmtp and some front end. But no, the player refuses to work with libmtp. So I mount up NFS on my sisters windows box and transfer all my songs on there, but that comptuer refuses to pick it up, even though it picks up her e200 in MTP. Then I go onto my mothers work computer, FINALLY! I am able to transfer my songs. I use up about 85% of the space on music. Then I convert a movie and attempt to drag it over, NOPE! Not that easy, it says that the codec isnt supported, fine I download the lame smc program and load it into that, but smc refuses to detect my player. Why does this have to be difficult? Why cant there be UMS? Why cant sandisk throw libmtp a bone and help them include the player. Why does MTP blow, even on windows boxes? Ugh.

Dell-Zing released GPL source code for the Connect today.  Now I’m definitely buying another one.