I submitted this RMA request for an extremely underperforming UHS II card:

This card was used as a 2nd card in a new Sony camera. The photo files stored on the card are 25MB and it took Lightroom 15 minutes to download 3 files, after which I cancelled the import. I was downloading on a MacPro with 64 GB of RAM. The primary card, a Sony Tough UHS II downloaded 100 files in 3 minutes.

I got this response:

Dear Dan,

Thank you for submitting your online RMA request. We understand that you are getting transfer speed slower then expected while transferring files from you Mac Pro. Please be advised that transfer speed is also dependent on your hardware configuration and that advertised speeds can be obtained under optimal conditions.

In order to check what the exact issue is and what possibly caused it we would recommend you to provide us with your test setup information and use the below software to make a general assessment of your testing.

Regarding your reported issue, please answer the following questions:

  • What model reader do you use to test the card?

  • Is the reader connected to USB 2.0, USB 3.0 or other interface?

  • What is your operating system?

To measure the performance of your product, please use any of the following software:

Windows: CrystalDiskMark

Mac: BlackMagic utility / Xbench  utility

As soon as the test has finished (with one of the above mentioned applications), please provide a screen shot of the result. If the write performance is lower than the expected range then we will give you further instructions.

We shall be waiting for your update.  Thank you for your kind cooperation.

I sent this back:

I am disappointed that you are asking me to basically do your company’s job. I have 2 UHS II cards in my Sony A7R IV, one is a SanDisk and one is a Sony Tough. Using the same operating system (Mac OS 10.15.3), on the same computer, using the same reader, the download speed of your card is extremely slow. The Sony card downloaded 100 25 MB files in 3 minutes. The SanDisk card was still downloading 3 25 MB files at 15 minutes when I cancelled the process. This is so slow I feel it is defective and that’s why I submitted a request for support.

In the past, I’ve sent cards to manufacturers (2 in 10 years) that exhibited poor performance. The company checked the cards and then sent me a new one. I am not going to download the apps you describe as they are both over 10 years old and it’s not my job. I’m a photographer whose income depends on having access to high quality, high performing equipment. This card does not meet my needs.

I am asking that you escalate this complaint to your supervisor. If you don’t want to replace a defective card, that is your choice. All that means is that I’ve lost about $100. What it means to SanDisk is that you will have lost a customer and I will give you much more than $100 of negative publicity in the professional photographic world.

It’s your choice. I can buy more cards from another manufacturer and you lose a customer. Or you can do the right thing, issue an RMA number and have your staff examine the card.


So, at this point, SanDisk has been dropped from my list of vendors I will purchase from.