I am totally frustrated !!! please help … I have just added a sandisk 32gb memory card and transferred several files to the ZIP , i can see on my PC that the files are on the ZIP and have seen the TRANSFERRINGmessage on the ZIP as the files transfer.However when I check the ZIP external memory card folders they all show EMPTY!!!  I`ve tried various combinations of MSC MTP and AUTO DETECT, made no difference. Can anyone please advise and stop me going MAD !!!.. cheers.


You have a SD Card to Transfer Files to the Zip?

Put a SD Card in the Clip Zip. Plug the Player on the PC. You See  the Internal Memory called SANSA CLIPZ. 

You See the SD Card calles SD. 2 Devices Show in MSC Mode.

Put Files to SANSA CLIPZ. MUSIC Folder. And Files to the SD MUSIC Folder. Go to Taskbar and Icon “Save Remove USB Drive”. Unplug the Player and Data Base Rebuild come up

OOps Koto, I forgot to add, I did install a 32gb sandisk card in the player and have used Media Monkey to transfer the mp3 music files to the player; the files are transferred and show on the ext drive on the player by viewing  my pc screen, however when i safely removethe player and the player then refreshes itself,when i scroll to the Cardcard icon on the player and then select it … it shows (EMPTY!)!! … if i scroll to the Music icon and select Folders and then select External Card … it shows(Empty)!!!

I have previously successfully FORMATTED the memory card via my PC but when I tried to Format the memory card when inserted in the player, the player screen says it can not read the storage amount i.e. 32 gb and then will not go ahead and Formatt … So you can guess I`m still FRUSTRATED!!! … will appreciate any ideas???

Have you checked the card with h2testw to see if it is defective or countereit? Did you get the card from a reputable dealer?