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See this response.

I understand that you are interested in purchasing a set of original earphones for your Sansa View player and you have not been able to locate them. 

Please allow us to inform you that SanDisk does not sell Sansa accessories separately apart from ones distributed through our online Shop, which is only for residents of the United States.  At the moment Sansa accessories in Europe are available through our authorised resellers; however please bear in mind that that at the moment there is no availability for the specific set of earphones.

What we would like to point out though is that any earphones with impedance range from 16-32 ohms should be working perfectly fine on your Sansa View.


Thanks for getting back to me.
I am suprised that you state all earphones in the 16-32Ohn range should work perfectly well!
The reason for my request is that all earphones are not aceptable in audio quality.
The ones supplied with the original equipment is of a very hi sound quality.
over the counter types in this range are lacking, i have tried several ranging from £3 to £35 and none come close to the audio quality of origianl ones
hence this email
maybe you can pass this request on to someone with more technical knowledge for a difinitive answer.

Thank you for your update.  Please allow us to inform you that indeed we do understand you have not been experiencing the same quality using different headphones on your Sansa View, however we would like to confirm SanDisk does not sell Sansa accessories separately in Europe.   We understand this might be frustrating and we do apologise for this inconvenience!

We remain at your service should you require additional information or assistance.

In other words tough luck we cant help.

Be warned


steel wrote:


Be warned


About what? :confounded:

The phones that SanDisk provides with its players are ok enough, especially as an accessory, but much better phones, including at low prices, are available.  (And note that it is unlikely that SanDisk itself makes the phones–rather, it likely buys large quantities of them from a Chinese manufacturer.)  Sources like and its forum can lead you to good options–there is a headphone sub-forum there.  .

The original post is too long and I was only able to read parts of it. For me, if I’m not satisfied with the headphone quality, I’d just buy a different one. Case solved.