frozen window, no ability to see USB on computer

Last night I posted a message concerning my frustrated inability to solve the problem of frozen window and no usb seen on the PC. I noticed someone suggested a faulty power cord so I tried this option by holding down the center button and re hooking up the clip again. It worked such that I could see the device. However… as soon as I tried to then get it back to normal to see if I could play music or FM after disconnecting the computer it was frozen again… no the thing was not locked! I then tried the same process all over again and I could NOT get the thing to reset. After several tries I went back to the Macintosh… restarted the macintosh and then did the hold/center button thing again with the lock on and low and behold the mac with OSX could see the device! I was able to see the device connected with the computer on its tiny screen. However, I have NOT as yet tried to trash the icon and restart the device in non-conneected to the computer mode. I would prefer to somehow reset the device from the computer and start all over… is that possible… many hours into this process already… I just noted I checked in on 167 messages!


Please try updating your firmware and select MSC mode.

Turn it off. lock it. hold down middle button and plug in USB. Now fix with disk utility.

More details and screen shot here:

Sansa clip frozen fix in mac OS X

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I think it’s safe to assume the OP’s problem is solved by now. :smileyvery-happy: