frozen, recognized only thru a long process

I still cannot get this device to work. After another forum member explained the convoluted process of connecting to a mac (off, on hold, hold the center button, plug in usb)I actually got this device to open!!! But the device is still frozen–once I have “ejected” this device it still will not work. I am at wits end–feeling like I have ruined my day as well as spoiled my kids “big” gift.

I am really frustrated.

Just being able to open it doesn’t fix it. It needs to be reformatted. Once that’s done and you disconnect, make sure you’ve taken it off hold before pushing buttons.


You should make sure that  you have loaded the latest firmware (ver. 01.01.18A) according to the instructions on the board.   You can reformat the Clip using the Disk Utility program on the Mac.   Make sure you use the DOS formatting option.   You can also reformat the Clip by going to the Settings Menu and looking for the Format option.   Good luck.