Frozen on main menu


I put my mp3 aside for a month or so and now it’s not working. To go into detail: When I turn on the device, the hold button works fine. The ring is not blue, and it is frozen on the “Music” selection. Pressing any buttons does not work. Resetting the device does not work. Sometimes the device will go to “sleep” and I can wake it up by pressing the play buttons but none other. Tried updating the firmware to no avail.

It is refurbished, by the way.

Did you manually update the firmware?


Could it be a mechanical problem with the wheel? You could try blowing some compressed air into it.

I don’t think so, if it were- when I’d press the “play” button on the music option it would still select, even though I wouldn’t be able to scroll through anything. As it stands the couple buttons I mentioned thesmelves work but the software is unresponsive to input. 

Well, it has to be software or hardware.

So if you’re sure of the wheel and buttons, the only solution is to try another firmware update: download the All Regions link for your unit, unzip it on your desktop (or wherever) and send FuzeA.bin over to the Sansa Fuze driveletter. Apparently on some occasions another try does the job.