Frozen Clip / Only Wheel Glows

I’ve been using my Sansa Clip for a few weeks without incident.

Then, for some random reason yesterday, after using it, it froze.  The glow around the wheel continues to light up and that’s it.

I’ve tried to reset it by holding up the power switch but that just turns off the glow (when I use the power switch again it just starts glowing again).

I’ve tried to reset it by turning the power switch to hold, holding down the center button, and attaching it to my PC, but my PC won’t recognize it and nothing else happens.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated?  HELP!!  Thanks!!

I have a VERY similar problem with abrand new Clip.  I installed the Sansa Updater and when I plugged in the Clip it told me I needed to install a firmware update.  I installed the update and it appeard to go ok until it told me to unplug it.  I unplugged it, it said “Installing Firmware” for a few second then complete.  I plugged it back in and the light around teh button ring just blinks about once per second.  I have tried the 15-20 (actually as much as 60) second power switch reset and the hold-(center or left) button while connecting MSC mode trick and I still get nowhere.  I can turn it off but when I turn it on or connect it to the PC I just get the blinking ring.

Hi, yes my clip also froze in the middle of a workout, and I couldn’t turn it off. Now my computer won’t recognize the clip nor charge. It’s only 2 months old!

The Clip never sleeps, it hibernates.  If it’s frozen, you can tell it to reload the last successful power-down.

This is what’s happening when you see the “goodbye” message.

Try holding the power switch in the ON position for a good 20-25 seconds to perform a soft reset of the device.  With a little luck, your device will be restored.

Oh, and keep an eye out for that audio file that was playing when it froze, as the file may be corrupted.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: