Frozen After Download Firmware

I just downloaded the update to Sansa Fuze.  Immediately after, the computer would not recognize the device,  the fuze is frozen with “connected” on the screen (altho NOT connected) and will not shut off.   All of these errors - not recognizing the device, device continuing to show its “connected” when it isn’t, and not being able to shut off device - happened after the download.  Now device does not work at all, will not shut off OR play - it’s frozen on “connected” screen.  VERY FRUSTRATING!!  Any ideas on how to correct this??

Hold the power button up for 20-30 seconds, long after the screen goes dark, to do a reset.

Tried holding down button, screen never changes, still shows “connected” and never shuts off. 

I’m talking about the slider on the right side. It needs to be pushed up and held longer than you think. But if it doesn’t shut down after a full 30 seconds, then just let the battery die, recharge it and see if it has reset from that.