Front Logo Difference

hee hee hee!! :manlol:

all fine.

thanks everyone :manhappy:

Just got a second Clip+ (the first one broke), and my second one says Sandisk (rather than sansa) on the front. Seems identical in every way, other than this. Just curious if it meant something about when or where it was made.

Means nothing, as long as it works. Just enjoy! :slight_smile:

Will do! I loved the first one, until it somehow got corrupted. Started to glitch on playback, then froze completely. Got stuck at the “flower” on bootup. Tried all the resetting tricks…nothing. When I plug it into my PC, the PC wants to format it as a 30.4 Mb flash drive. No thanks!

You might try reformatting the player via Windows–that could fix matters. And then I would reapply the latest firmware (see the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum)–the firmware can become corrupted over time.

Tried that, but the Windows reformat fails at about 90% complete. Methinks this Sansa is messed up pretty badly.

By any chance, still under warranty (1 year U.S., 2 years EU)? SanDisk would replace the broken player, then . . . .