from SansaFuze( my friends) and then onto my laptop

My friend wishes to share with me sermons on his dansaFuze which he downloaded from the Original CD. How do we get these sermons onto my laptop? Thank you so much

Simply connect the Fuze to your computer in whatever USB mode it was in when the files were copied over to the Fuze.

But something smells fishy to me… 

Oops,…I am new to this site and new to all this techno stuff( I’m 56-chuckle). It looks like I indicated I had a solution but as yet have not tried it. Will only be able to check this out tomorrow. About the “something fishy”,…might I be violating copyright infringement,…I do not wish to be doing this.

Technically, “sharing” music is copyright infringement. If you will delete the music and buy it yourself, I wouldn’t mind so much, but to keep the files would be illegal.

However, so many people share with only one or two friends that I don’t know if that we could do anything to stop you if you did decide to keep the music. 

Actually if its a sermon as in a pastor speaking those are generally not copyrighted because the intent is for people to hear it, and in general people dont pay to hear a sermon. Also many churchs have a media license which alows them to use things that would normally be off limits.

That being said if it is a song and its off of a CD your friend payed for that would be a violation of copyrights. 

(I have been schooled by RIAA on these issues)

Thank you so much for your response,…there was no music involved but actual sermons. I read Conversion’s response and am pleased with what I read. I appreciate your helpful advice.

Oops, I missed the word “sermons” in the first post. I do that quite a lot :slight_smile:

@pikidalto wrote:
Oops, I missed the word “sermons” in the first post. I do that quite a lot :slight_smile:

What? Missing words, or sermons? :stuck_out_tongue: