Frm/UI Nice to Haves and Button Stuck?

    Hi there, (Sansa BestBuy E260)

I was wondering if we are able to make suggestions for the next firmware updates? if so, i have a few:

  1. Give us video options please. Like Loop, Play All, Graphics EQ, etc…

  2. Give us photo options please. Like: Enlarge to fit window, Zoom, etc…

  3. Give us video information please. Like time, format, length, etc…

  4. Give us more FM options, like the ability to lock, or push the middle button to have lock, the wheel in order to navigate the presets & band… it’s much easier to roll the wheel than find the little buttons to scan the FM band. The presets on the main button is ok, but to get to preset 1 from preset 10, i have to go through 10 other presets before i can get back there.

That’s pretty much my pet peeves so far for the UI and firmware stuff.

Also, i was wondering if i was the only one with this problem, if i should return my player to the store to get a new one, but my power/menu button is really hard to press and sometimes gets stuck in the casing… i’m sure it’s not normal but i was wondering if anyone else had that problem, and if so, is there a simple way to fix it or should i simply return it?

Thanks a lot!


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We made a big list a while back: these wll be on the view