Fried Sansa

I think my Sansa is toast, I have only had my silver sansa fuze for less than 2 months and its been crapping out while using it this week, including the “white screen of death” and using the FM radio its cutting out and shutting off, but now it won’t do anything. I plug in the USB into the computer and all that happens is the back of the Sansa gets REALLY hot and nothing comes on the screen…  and I am afraid to keep it plugged in for fear of hurting the computer, sansa, or myself!!! I’d really like to get the info off of the flash memory, because I have class lectures I recorded using the microphone but I fear that if it won’t turn on at all the information is lost.  I mean this thing really heats up like its going to melt itself… any suggestions???

Please contact tech support and return this unit,  we dont want you to get hurt.

Well oddly I kept my sansa against a cold window and waited and later on I plugged in the usb and it (button wheel and screen) flickered and it came back on, but it still cuts out on songs and when I turn it on it says “refreshing your media” and  all the fm  presets and custom eq settings are restored to default.  I wonder is there a flash rom update for this sansa fuse that I am supposed to use?? I was able to copy all the saved stuff so at least the data is archived.  … (sigh don’t want to have to deal with best buy to return it if at all possible)

Try doing what sansafix said, if you even read what he wrote?

Apparently not.  Do you even realize that he works for SanDisk, so you just may wanna take his advice?  Now that you’ve got the files backed up, what’s stopping you from calling and getting an RMA?  At this point, any further problems can and should be prevented by you sending the unit back, I’m sure you don’t wanna hear a bunch of “I told you so’s” when it explodes and sprays lithium ion polymers everywhere…

But it would be much simpler and quicker to take it back to Best Buy. I haven’t heard of any ‘3rd degree’ they give customers with legitimate complaints and you could walk out with a new unit. Easy-peasy! The only inconvenience is making a trip to Best Buy for a few minutes and then re-loading all your music after you get back home.

Compare that with the alternative of having SanDisk replace it under their 1 year warranty . . .

  1. Contact SanDisk.
  2. Wait for a reponse (either on HOLD on the phone or a reply by e-mail).
  3. Go through mandatory diagnostic procedures the Tech Support guys always insist on (like they don’t get paid unless they make you jump through certain hoops first)
  4. SanDisk agrees you have a ‘bum’ unit & gives you a RMA # (Returned Merchandise Authorization)
  5. Set up E-box account on web-site.
  6. Wait (sometimes for days) for SanDisk to give you a link to a pre-paid shipping label to send it back to them.
  7. Print the label.
  8. Find a box and padding to pack & ship the unit back in.
  9. Make a trip to the UPS store or PO.
  10. Wait for it to arrive at SanDisk.
  11. Wait for SanDisk to process the return.
  12. Wait for SanDisk to verify that the unit is defective (gotta wait your turn, may be several hundred in front of you).
  13. Wait for SanDisk to send you your replacement.
  14. Re-load all of your music onto the new unit.

It’s great that SanDisk does stand behind their products 100% (many companies don’t), and they have in place a system to handle returns, etc. when the retailer’s (or e-tailer) over the counter exchange policy has expired, but if you look at a few of the threads on this forum regarding their level of customer service and/or satisfaction and response time & speed in this procedure, you’ll see there is ‘an opportunity for improvement’.

To me, the choice is clear. :wink:

Thank you sansafix I decided that its best off being replaced

I have recently had an e260v2 replaced by RMA, and I have to agree with Tapeworm - if you can possibly get it changed at the retailer - do so! Even if you think your chances are slim, it’s worth the attempt.

 I live in the UK, so my list is like Tapeworm’s with the addition of:

  • photographing the unit on all sides
  • sending the unit to the Czech Republic, tracked, at my expense
  • waiting while it is returned to the US (I think)
  • waiting while the replacement comes from the US.

The whole process took about 4 weeks…

Having said that, the SanDisk people were helpful and quick to respond to my E-Box (which I had already set up).

In the mean time I bought a Fuze!

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I’ve had the white screen before and all it was is the screen cuz a different screen worked after i replaced it. I doubt thats your problem though. You could sit it on ice packs when you plug it in…that might prevent your player from turning into a little ball of fire or possibly your computer from exploding and throwing pieces everywhere.

If its a sansa fuze 4gb or 2gb I can send you a replacement one if you want. I got a few because I buy defective ones and fix them. 

If its an e250/260 i can send you a fuze. yeah you got it taken care of by now.