Freshest e250 ever!!!!

My Sansa e250 turns on and a message in a green window says “refreshing database”.  It refreshes database 3/4 of the way then the screen goes white.  Computer doesn’t see it connected and resetting it just gives it yet another opportunity to get fresh again.  I am stuck.  Help!!!

If you can’t get past the db refresh, you can format the player using the instructions here:

Take note though that formatting the player in Recovery mode using the Windows format tool will more or less destroy it, so do not use the Windows format tool in recovery mode.  Instead, follow those directions and format it the safe way.

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It has been almost a year and a half since my e250 has been a paperweight.  You Rock saratoga.  you did in one day what I could not do in 18 months.  Thank You Thank You Thank You.  My Wife can now goto work in her nighttime drab office and listen to music and watch video of our 5yo daughter while she works. I can’t say it enough, Thank you Thank You Thank You!!!