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Question 1: How small is a molecule?

Question 2: Is it smaller than, say, a pencil?

Question 3: Are we there yet?

Question 4: Can we have ice cream before dinner?  Daddy wants some too.  He says it’s OK.

Question 5: Can we stay up late?  Daddy still has my Shaker plugged in to his computer.  His face is red again.

Question 6. Coming soon.  Thought a wee bit of humor might help.

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Q: I transferred songs to my shaker, but when I try to play them, all I get is an Uh-oh sound… what’s going on?

A: The Shaker can only play unlicensed Mp3 songs. Check the filetype of the files you’ve transferred that are not playing. They are likely to be either WMA or have DRM licenses on them. Songs from places like Rhapsody, Napster etc will not work as they have DRM licenses on their songs. Make sure if the songs that you’re transferring to the Shaker are from say ripped from CD’s, make sure that your rip settings have Rip to Mp3 as the default.

The Rhapsody situation just changed- they are offering “raw” 256kbps MP3s now.  Purchased songs are available at 256 too.

Cool, huh?

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It’ll be interesting to see if they remove ALL licenses from the file. When you purchase a song, many places still attach a license, however all the license does is basically state “do whatever you want with this file”. If would be good if they didn’t license the file at all if purchased, then it would be useful for Shaker owners…  although the “raw” thing is cool. U have a link for that neutron?

Sorry for the delay Apix!

My wife and kids have been playing World of Warcraft…a lot. I searched a bit on Rhapsody.com’s site. If you set up an account, MP3s are available from the Rhapsody 4 client, in the Music Guide main page. I guess they prefer to have you set up a basic account for selling the MP3s…the advantage is that they’re 89 cents with an account. Sometimes, the complete album is discounted even further.

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Thanks for the reply,

That’s interesting, I’m gonna look into that… may be useful for Shaker users if they can get a detailed walkthrough of how to do it… then again it’ll need to be tested to confirm that they are truely unlicensed files and not just “unlicensed” files (if ya know what i mean) 

mp3 has no DRM protoccol, therefore all mp3’s are unprotected