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Yep, it’s the Clip+

So I’ll pay a visit >>> over there.


I have a problem I can’t find an answer to.  I use Rhapsody with my Sansa Clip.  I got the free 1st month, and now I am paying the monthly fee.  However, I have a problem with my clip always needing to be synced.  I try to play it, and I can only get a message to synch my clip.  So I hook it up to my computer, let it do what it needs to do, and then it plays fine.  But in another couple of days, it happens again.

Why is this happening?


Glen wrote:

Your question is better suited for its own thread. Its buried in an old thread as it is now so try making your own thread and asking again.

There’s only a few here that use that (dis)service, so you may have to wait a while for an answer from someone who might know. In the meantime, you might check out the CRhapsody FAQ’s or forum if they have one.

Greg, I hope its not a reburbished Clip, not only are they not covered by warranties they work about two weeks and quit.  Beware.

I have bought a sansa clip, and i noticed it has a “R” in the back.


So,it’s a refactory sansa clip, isn’t it ? ![](file:///C:/Users/haison/Desktop/refactory.jpg)

i,ve just purchased a 2011 malibu. it dosn,t have a usb port . it doe,s have a 3.5 mm 1/8 inch port that i think is for a head phone. it has a 6 cd player. iv,e read about that i may be able to put in a portable mp3 player. i seen a mp3 player sold by walmart that i,d like to get but i don,t know if it will work. i have alot of music i purchased on my computer that i,d like to use. i do have a that 3.5mm port tht i think is for a cell phone. from what i read ,i hear i can use a cable thats male on both ends & i have a sony walkman thats got music downloaded on it & i tried to use it, but i can,t  get music to play through the stereo in my car. i just get music coming from the sony walkman. i,d like to be able to use the sandisk mp3 player i see from walmart. it,s small & it,s 4gb & the other is the same, but it,s 8 gb & stores 2000 songs & has a 8 gb sdhc memory card. if anyone has a solution i,d be very grateful. thank you for your time.