French support


I’m wondering if French is going to be fully supported in the next firmware.

I’ve posted a message on the suggestion board about a correct alphabetical order, but haven’t received any answer from the team:

In short, every character gets bumped after Z when it has a diacritic. “Ça” should be in C, “À plus tard” should be in A…

Also, there are a few mistranslations:

— in the “format” section, the question should be “Êtes-vous certain de vouloir formater cet appareil ?”

— in the information section, the battery status should be named “Batterie”, or “État batterie” or “État batt.”, instead of “Marche/Arrêt”, which means On/off!!

And if you really want to be perfect, you should write “1 heure” instead of “1 Heure” in the backlight section, and “Heures” and “Minutes” in the time setting section (add S at the end).

you forgot one in the settings, it shouldn’t say format but formater. When I was using it in French, I often clicked on it thinking that it would give me the supported formats or somthing like that. Then I would be asked if I really wanted to format it or not. It’s usually then that I would see my mistake. The worst is that this happened to me pretty often. So I decided to switch to English. Since I’m glad with it, I don’t need it to be fixed the fastest possible.

I push this on the front page, hoping that someone from the team will answer me…