Freezing e250 - firmware update?

I have an e250 which out-of-the-blue started having copyright issues with various songs, then stopped working altogether. Currently, if I start it, it will just keep refreshing the starting screen, or rarely get into a menu, then restart again.

I’ve read through a bunch of old forum posts and it seems like I’m supposed to update the firmware or drivers or something. I’ve managed to get into recovery mode, but that alone doesn’t fix anything. I’ve read that I need to find out what version I have before updating anything, but the contents of “Version.txt” don’t give an obvious answer. Supposedly the country matters too (I’m in New Zealand).

Thanks in advance.

Not that you shouldn’t do it (update the firmware), but it will not solve your freezing problem. Freezing during the database refresh is caused by the player not being able to read the ID3 tags of the files.

If you are experiencing a problem “out-of-the-blue”, look at any files you might have added recently. Copyright, or DRM issues means the permission codes attached to the files that allow you to play DRM-encrypted files have either expired, or for some reason aren’t being communicated to the player. Again, updating the firmware will not help this. You will probably have to delete these files and then re-send them over with the proper permissions from whatever source you are getting them from.

If you are able to get into Recovery Mode, you have a v1 player. V2’s do not have a Recovery Mode. And you’re right, just entering Recovery Mode will not do anything. It is a back-door way of getting into the player so you can format or install firmware when you can’t normally. One warning though, in Recovery Mode you will see a 16mb partition and Window will ask you if you want to format it. DON’T DO IT!!! You will brick your player forever.

This post and this post should help you. :wink:

I hadn’t added anything to the player in a long time. Expiration sounds right. I noticed I could play some songs, which I believe were ones I had added somewhat later. But after succeeding at that I tried playing one of the other tracks again, and I think that is what caused it to stop entirely.

How about resetting to factory default, have you done this already?

@jimmyghd wrote:
How about resetting to factory default, have you done this already?

That won’t do any good, and I believe I might have corrected you on this fact before. Resetting facotry defaults _ only _ changes personal settings/options you have made to the player like Backlight brightness and time on, Sleep Timer, USB Mode, FM Station Presets, Auto Shut Off, etc.