Freezing at logo and not recognized by PC.

My daughter’s 4gb pink fuze is no longer getting past the logo at startup and it’s not being recognized by the PC. Holding down the on/off switch turns it back off, but does nothing more. It has the latest FW too.

Any suggestions?

try forcing MSC and see if you can reload the firmware. turn the player completely off, put it in lock position, hold down the rewind << button and connect it to the computer. this should force MSC. if the computer recognizes the player format it and try reloading the firmware. 

I tried that and no luck. It still says USB device not recognized.

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Is there anything more I can do? I’m hoping this thing is fixable.

OK, it’s boots up after about a min to a min and a half. I got into MSC mode, but when I try to reload the FW it tells me that there is an I/O device error. I tried to reload in MTP mode too and it tells me I do not have permission.  ???

Oh, I and tried to format it too, but that’s acting weird as well.

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It’s great that you got into MSC. You are probably on the way to a fix.

Forget MTP. It just makes things more complicated.

Put it in MSC and connect. Right-click on the Fuze, go to Properties, click Tools (tab), Error-Checking, Check now and Automatically fix errors. (That’s in Windows XP, might be slightly different in Vista.) 

See if it finds anything–it might isolate and fix the bad file. If it asks to save bad chains, don’t.

If Error-Checking doesn’t help, you need to Format. How have you tried formatting?  From the unit or from Windows? You can right-click and Format in Windows. And if that clears things up, you should Format again from the unit to get the optimum kind of formatting. 

BTW, this is a user forum. You could also call SanDisk tech support at 1-866-SANDISK (in the USA) and have them help you with this.  International numbers are here.

Connect manually in MSC mode, by starting with the device OFF, after holding the power switch in the ON position for 20 seconds, until it resets, then slide the power switch to the HOLD position (orange will be showing).

Test that the device is OFF, by pressing the center button.  Be sure that there’s no response.

On the computer, open a Windows Explorer window via My Computer.  While holding the center button depressed, plug in the Fuze.  It should show up in the Explorer window as a flash drive, and the display of the Fuze will state “connected”.

Leave the Fuze connected for now, and open the Device Manager by right clicking on the icon, “My Computer”, and select manage.  Then select the Device Manager.  The Fuze will be listed in the last entry, “universal serial bus controllers”; click on that and you will see a series of listings under USB Root Hub.

Starting from teh bottom, look for a yellow caution triangle, pointing to the problem installation, or double click on each one, then select the Power tab.  Windows likes to hide the device, but it will be listed under “power”.  Once you find it, click on the Driver tab, and select uninstall.

Unplug the Fuze and reboot the PC.

Now reconnect the Fuze in the same manual way, turning it off first, then connecting with the HOLD switch in the down position.  In the Windows Explorer window, see if the Fuze is listed as a flash drive.

Double click on the Fuze icon, and see if the folder tree is visible.  If so, you are in the root directory.

Download a new copy of the 01.02.26 firmware for your revision 1 Fuze, following the manual instalation instructions.  Unzip the fuzea.bin firmware file and drag it into the root directory, along side the folders (but NOT inside any of them).  Afetr the transfer is complete, slide the power switch back to the OFF position and unplug.

Your Fuze should state “firmware upgrade in progress”, and you should be in business.


There were no yellow triangles, but I uninstalled 3 USB Root Hubs. I got down to the part of dragging over the FW file and it says the following:

Cannot copy fuzeA: The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.

Oh, and formatting thru the Fuze takes like one second, so it’s not really formatting at all. Trying to delete files off the Fuze is not working either. I’m totally lost.

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I ended up calling Sandisk Tech support and after trying to do most of the things that were already described, they are replacing my daughter’s Fuze. I’ve already received an RMA number. The guy on the phone wanted me to force MSC, which I already had done. Then he tried to get me to format thru the player and then again thru the PC. Niether worked. Thanks for the replies and trying to help me out. I really appreciate it.