Free MP3 Editor TODAY ONLY

I use Audacity myself and have no need to try something else, but I thought I would at least pass this on to my friends here at the Sansa Forum in case someone wants to try it.

Supposedly can record streams, too. Not sure if Audcaity does that.

Mixed reviews:


  1. This application appears to be a trial version. Every Time you open and close the application, the “Number of trials left: n” (click on Help>>Registration) keeps getting decremented! This is happening even after registering (using the information provided in the readme.txt file.)

  2. Annoyingly this uses NCTAudio*2.DLLs which are part of the broken/Vista incompatible NCTAudio range of support DLLs that will not register under Vista at all.

 Seems to be a re-branding/duplicate of Audio Editor Deluxe. but for free…what do you want?

I was going with WavdPad myself last year and just using the trial versions and then re-loading at the end of the trial.  Then they changed things and you can’t do that anymore.  Recording off Internet Radio appeared to work well.

Audacity is cool too- but it appeared that recording, on my machine anyway, was only going to occur on one side of the stereo mix.  Despite anything I tried.

May just have to explore that issue further when I have time.