Free MicroSDHC 4GB


Yesterday we bought a MP3 Sansa fuse. In the shop they told us that we could get a free MicroSDHC card of 4 GB via this site.

Someone knows where I can finds it and how this works?



Which shop told you that?

Santa’s workshop? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m from Belgium and I bought it in the ‘Makro’… a really big shop!

It’s mentionned in the publicity folder and the man in the shop said that we could get it via the site.

Sorry no free products here, but you get something here way more valuable than a lil plastic card that’s going to be given away everywhere anyway when the 16GB cards come around the corner. Here you get precious information from fellow users, pearls of Sansa wisdom from the Sansa Gurus, and awesome updated firmware… all absolutely FREE!!!

  And here in California, we don’t have big makro stores, but I got mine from an electronic store which I’m sure if some salesguy were to direct me to a website or something online, I’d ask him to show me right there in the store on one of their computers where and which website offering this astounding free 4GB card. I sure being a really big shop, they at least have internet access for customers demo or show customers whatever they’re promoting online , right?  

  I’ve been in retail sales and even car sales before, and I telll you this- Salepeople would offer you the world on a titanium iced-out blingbling platter to make a sale! I know it sucks, but it’s life. I suggest going back to the sales guy and demand him to either show you which site that’s offering that card, or for over-promising hyou something that’s not true… provide you with a 4GB card like he promised. 

  Sorry if you think I was flaming your original post, but I wasn’t intending anything negative. I just found it hilarious, but hey out here in California, we see everything on the lighter side, I mean for God’s sake, look at our governor… Arnie “The Governator”!  (loved him in Terminator 2 btw)   :stuck_out_tongue: