Free memory after format

I understand that the device needs to reserve -some- space for its operating system, etc. But my 2GB (2048MB) after formatting and restoring factory settings shows: “Memory 1855 MB” and “Free 1677 MB”. What is going on? 371MB pre-allocated after format?!

F/W V02.02.28A

How did you format it? The best (and simplest) way is to use the Fuze’s on-board format function in Settings > System Settings.

An advertised gigabyte is not 1 billion bytes due to the difference between binary and decimal notation. 

Your 2GB is, indeed, more like 1855 MB (just under 93% of 2 billion bytes).  You’re likely to see similar disparities on your computer’s hard drive unless you’re using Linux.

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Formatted & factory settings applied using the unit’s system menu like you mentioned.

Ok, so the 2GB capacity is actually 1855 MB. After format and default settings applied the “Free memory” is 1677 MB so what is the 178MB being used for?

Operating system, probably.

I never looked at mine when formatted to see how much the firmware occupied. Maybe some other time.

fuzea.bin, the firmware updater, is only 15MB, but I don’t know what’s already in the unit hidden away somewhere.

The Fuze’s tiny little brain does have to run the USB connection, read the tag database, display graphics and video,  play, record, tune the FM radio, monitor the battery and memory and handle the mysterious DRM transmissions in MTP mode. 

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I would like to know that answer if somebody could chime in. Is 1675MB “free memory” after format the norm or is there something wrong with my device?

I got curious, so I just formatted my v1 2GB Fuze.

It shows 1929 MB of memory and 1767 MB free.  That’s 162 MB. Since you have a v2 and different firmware it’s probably slightly different.

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djimbuser, there’s nothing wrong with your device.

it must feel like you’re being cheated (as you bought 2GB, and are not getting it) but that’s unfortunately reality.