Free 90mb of space and then when plugged in won't be regconised by computer but still connected

Free 90mb of space for database and then when plugged in won’t be regconised by computer but still connected

my sansa fuze still connects but the folder doesn’t come out but this little thing at the top comes out saying autoplay and when i switch the player on it says free 90mb but i have over 700mb free

does anyone know how to fix this?

 It is due to corrupted files on the player. Since the player isn’t recognized by the pc, you need to format the player via its menu(I assume you have copies of the songs on your pc) After that,  you could try running chkdsk/f on the music files in your pc and find  corrupted files before loading them into the player again.

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In case youi haven’t formatted yet…

Autoplay is Windows going too far. It means your computer IS recognizing the Fuze and is trying to start playing music files, showing photographs, etc.  Click to close the Autoplay box, or cancel, etc.  and you should see the unit.

Right-click on the Sansa folder for Properties. The second tab is Autoplay. Open it. You’ll see Music files in a box, and a list of things to do automatically. Check “Take no action” and Apply. Think you’re done? Not in Windows. There are three more choices under music files in the drop-down menu–Pictures, Video files, Mixed Content. Show each one, choose Take No Action and Apply, on to the next. Click OK and Windows shouldn’t try to Autoplay the Fuze again. If you’re lucky.  

Now that you’ve dealt with Autoplay, you can right-click again on the Fuze, Properties, Tools, Error-Checking and maybe zap that bad file without formatting. 

If Error-Checking doesn’t find the problem file, you will have to format.