Found A Great Recharger For Clip

I decided it was time to get a charger for my clip,so I went to Walmart and bought a Power Line Universal adapter with a usb power port.It has a voltage selector button that ranges from 3-12 volts.I use the 5 volt usb setting,but here is the best part:stuck_out_tongue:

I can listen to my clip while its recharging.Love it! I know when I used to recharge the clip on my pc,you could not listen to music in charging mode.

I also use the line in function on my Sony boom box with the clip at work.I use the recharger as the the pass through and the clip never loses a charge.I work 12 hour shifts,so that says something for this set-up.

Edit: I used the automatic updater,and upgraded to the newest firmware version.Everything still works fine with my charger,and have some new options with firmware upgrade.I really love my clip now!

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There are some ways to charge with a computer USB connection and still hear music. See this thread: Listening to your Clip while charging it using PC.

That sounds like something I need. Could you please give the make and model of that charger?


Here’s my favorite charger.\_id=5750794

It is very slim, small and light weight. The outlet prongs fold in so you can slide it in a pocket and it charges up to two 5V usb devices at once. Good low cost price too. :wink: Why pay more when this does the job? :)