Forwarding through Folders?

Recently got a Fuze 8GB and figured out how to play music through folders.

However, I can’t figure out how to navigate between folders.  For instance, say I have my

music in 5 different folders.  I turn on the unit and it starts playing the 1st song in the 1st folder.

What if I want to play Folder #5?  Do I have to manually click through every song until I reach that

folder?  That takes forever and isn’t convenient at all.

Is there a way to just “fast-forward” to Folder #5?

This is probably what you want to do:

  1. while you’re playing a song press the menu button (the bottom of the scroll wheel)

  2. select Back To Music List and press the select button

  3. press the back button (the left button on the scroll wheel)

3a. you may need to press the back button again to get up to the folder level you want if you have several levels of folders (press the forward button to move back down a level)

  1. scroll to folder you want to listen to and press the select button.

Hope this helps.

Tried your suggestion, but it didn’t work.  I can get to the “Folder” screen, but it won’t list out the actual folders.

Hitting the back button takes me back to the menu.

Now all of a sudden EVERY SONG has been put in alphabetical order!

What have I done?

“What if I want to play Folder #5? Do I have to manually click through every song until I reach that folder?”

In folder mode, you need to be at a folder’s parent or child folder to reach it. What is a parent folder? That is the folder directly above it in the heirarchy. The child is directly below it. Imagine that you are climbing a tree, from the root to a certain leaf. You need to follow the limbs to reach a specific small branch or leaf. You can’t directly jump from one branch to another  if they aren’t connected, ie. you can go to the parent or a child of the branch you are at. So in other words using the tree anallogy, if you are high up on a small branch, you may have to climb down quite a bit to get to a branch that will give you a path to your next desired small branch or leaf.