just bought a cheap helmet cam and its says on the instructions that I must “format” the SanDisk Ultra micro card on my computer before I can use it as neutral cards are not guaranteed to work ! How do I format please? kally

As far as I know, memory cards (from ANY manufacturer) come formatted from the factory.

Otherwise, you can put it in a card reader, plug it into your computer and let Windows format it.

Format on the computer? Some devices, such as certain digital cameras or certain cell phones need the card to be formatted by the device before it can be used.

There should be a prompt that let’s you format the card. If not, open My Computer on your PC, right click on the card and hit format.

First, search the camera menu–for a formatting option.

Formatting using a PC is done in My Computer, when the hardware is recognized.

Right Click, choose Format, choose Quick format.