Formatting trouble - 4gb capacity now only 199mb

I wish I had read more of this forum before I started formatting my clip+. I just switched from Mac to PC, and started trying to get my clip+ going with my new laptop. Since I can no longer use Rhapsody, I decided to format the clip+ to clear off all the music I can no longer use. So I formatted it with my Mac and transferred some music onto it. When I turned it on it wouldn’t work, so I plugged it back into my PC and Windows told me that I needed to format it. However it would only format it with a 200mb capacity. 

So now I have a FAT formatted clip+ with a 199mb capacity and only 20mb free, I’m assuming the rest is taken up by the firmware. The firmware updater wouldn’t work because there wasn’t enough free space.

Any ideas on how to fix this or did I just brick my clip+?


The clip has its own format utility built in, use that.

For microsds format with a cell phone.

A 4GB memory should be formatted as FAT32. You should be able to have Windows do this by forcing an MSC connection (HOLD switch on, pressing & holding the center button while plugging into the computer), right-clicking on the player’s icon and selecting Format…

Just don’t use the Quick Format option.

Xexex, I just tried that and it still shows the same amount of total and free memory. :frowning: