Format Sd Card Automatically

First my clip zip started to skip a lot of songs every time I tried to skip to the next song. It was a while before I had added new songs so that couldn’t have been the problem. Before I could post my problem on here my songs were deleted! I turned on my clip zip and it said “refreshing media” so I left it alone until it came on. I noticed that while listening to it that it wasn’t skipping but the same songs were playing and checked my song list. My whole sd card was deleted! Including songs that I bought. Before I add the hundred songs that were deleted back on, I want to make sure it won’t happen again. I do use mp3 tag if that helps.

Also the songs on the clip zip didn’t delete.

did you check the card in the computer? the files may not have been deleted. this could be a data base issue. check the card using a computer. if the files are there put it back in the zip and let it refresh the database again. 

I re-added the songs and some were duplicates so I guess they were still in there somewhere. I do still have the song skip problem.

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Are the “skipped” songs in a supported format (.mp3, .wma, .flac, etc.)?

Sorry for the delayed reply but yes they are. So far if I click each song I want to listen to instead of skipping to next song it seems to be a temporary fix. Also sometimes songs freeze.

Could be an ID3 tag issue. Freezing usually is. Skipping could be too. If the player cannot read the tag, it will eiither skip over it, or freeze up trying to read it.

Thanks. I’ll try to see if that’s what’s wrong.

I rewrote the tags but still have freezing I guess I am just stuck with it. As much as I hate to admit it, my old ipod NEVER had this problem.