Format problem

I have windows XP. My player is m240. I have music on a flashdrive. I can copy it to my windows media library, But when I try to sync it so I can add it to my player, a error message comes up:" windows media cannot copy music. It cannot reconize the file type". Is there a way to change the file type on the music flash drive?

Can you help?


 You need to find out what kind of file is giving you the problem.

Go to My Computer/Tools/Folder Options/View and in the checklist, around the 10th item, is Hide Extensions for known file types. Un-check that, take a look at the music file and tell us what the file extension is: .mp3, .wma, .ra, etc . 

the file extension is wma

That’s Windows Media Audio. Can your computer play those files after you copy them? Because what may be happening is that those files have DRM (Digital Rights Muck) that is designed to prevent them from being copied from device to device.

If your computer can play them, get Media Coder

and convert them to .mp3 on the computer, then send them over.  Mp3 has no DRM to get in the way.

If your computer can’t play them,  the DRM is stopping you, and you’re pretty much stuck.