format of media drive

I have an Ipad Air which I set up with the media player easy enough but when I connect it to the computer it recognises the device but it wont let me open it.It keeps asking to be formatted and would I like to do so,when I say yes it then tells me that it can not be formatted so I cant expand it to open up the various catagories to drag  and drop or copy and paste.has any body come across this problem?

Can’t say as I have. I suggest you contact SanDisk Customer Support.

What operating system are you using and what is the capacity of the Media drive? The 64GB version is preformatted in exFAT. If you have an older OS like Windows XP you will have to install a patch before the OS can read the new file system standard. 

Thanks for replying,Iam using XP pro.Ihave managed to format it & have tried to drag & drop several videos but it will only take the first one that I copied.When Igo on my computer and expand the media player to the videos it shows them being there but when I connect to my air it shows only one.Ihave a 64gb sandisk

what are the file types of the video? where did you get them? 

Also you may want to install the exFAT patch for XP and reformat the media drive in exFAT. If you used FAT32 you will be limited to no single file being larger then 4GB. here is a link to the microsoft patch