Ford Sync won't see SD card

Hello,all.   I have an 8GB Fuse that I use in my '08 Focus,equipped w/ Sync voice recognition.    The Sync system recognizes and functions fine w/ the original 8GB setup.   I have recently purchased a 4GB SD card and put some music on it.   The Sync system can not find any media on the SD card,however still plays the media on the original 8GB’s just fine.   Any ideas?   Thanks,Dan

I have the same problem when I plug it in to my Xbox 360. The problem is that the Fuze shows up as two drives, and only the first one will be used by the Xbox (or your car stereo, in this case). It’s a limitation of your stereo, not of the Fuze. “The first one” in this case is the internal memory.

If I had a car stereo that could play MP3s off a USB drive, I’d buy a freakin’ huge USB hard drive and fill it up with music, and then wire in a power inverter so it would have power. Whenever I needed to update the music I’d just take the HD out of the car and plug it in to my home computers. A cheaper option would be to just get a 16GB USB thumb drive.

Also, since this “Sync” thing is a Microsoft deal, try putting your player in to MTP mode (Settings > System Settings > USB Mode > MTP) and plugging it in. Don’t forget to change it back after you test it!