Ford (SYNC system) not remembering where I left off when I turned car off after reformatting.

  Hello, I have been using the Sansa Clip for years and I love it.  My Ford has a couple of USB inputs and when I plug in my Sansa Clip the contents populate on the dash screen.  I must have put a corrupt file on my Sansa Clip that was causing it to stall out, so I reformatted and then reloaded some MP3 files.  Now, every time I start my car the system takes a moment to index the Sansa Clip’s contents, and then starts playing the song that is first in line alphabetically. 

  Prior to this, when I turned on the car it would just start up wherever I left off (for example, in the middle of a song).

  I have tried both USB modes as well as “Auto Detect USB Mode”, but there must be something I’m missing.

  Any ideas?

My pal Google tells me that the Sync system uses MTP.

When you put the files back on the Sansa did you send them via MTP? The way to tell is to switch modes. Your computer can only see one mode at a time, so switch to MTP and see if your computer sees the files. 

Beyond that, look through Settings on the unit and then on the Sync.  I don’t have my Clip to play with at the moment but when you reset the unit, you may have flipped it off something like “start most recent song.”