Forced Re-synchronization of m240 for subscription content

    Does anyone know the full parameters of how often you need to re-synchronize a device (specifically m240) to get back subscription content licenses?

    I have heard 30 days but is that once per calendar month or 30 continuous days and how does the device know the time?

    I synched my device on August 22nd yet the re-synch message came up again today Sept 6th, 15 days later. It is a pain since the device just stops working with no warning.

    BTW, I am using Yahoo Unlimited to Go.

usually its whenever you start your billing cycle with that company…

so for you, its probably around the 6th of every month.

    I bill on a yearly basis and I have two devices, one requires synchronization more often than the other one. If it was purely based on the billing cycle, they should both request it at the same time.
    They could be running different versions of the firmware since I bought them several months apart so I will try to get them on the same basis one of these days.