Football Boots

Hello everybody,

I am training football and that’s my favorite sport. So far i wore a variety of football boots, mostly replicas. I am thinking about next model, and I would like an original one. I thought to buy it via internet because my older brother has an internet payment card.
I think it would not be a problem if I don’t try them. I was searching on Google for a good online shop. My coach has recommended me one shop, and said that they guarantee all their products are original. That e-shop is . I like Nike, but I like Adidas boots, too. It’s hard to decide. What would you remommend to me and why? I just want to say I don’t like boots with 6 crampons, they are uncomfortable on solid ground. On the website of this e-shop I saw too, they have some football boots with combined crampons(metal and plastic). Someone wore this models? What advice would you give me? Thanks in advance.