Foolproof directions for MSC OS playlist creation, editing, for both internal/external

Are there highlighted, definitive directions anywhere for creating and editing playlists working with MSC Sansa and OS? It’s been years of discussion and confusion for many (like me).I want to use this player and give to a friend, and don’t want her or me to get frustrated when I/she wants to add a playlist or revise a playlist. is playlist even a valid mode of organizing? External card, internal memory content all need to show up on computer, player.Seems like for many people, and for me in the past, they do not. I might be willing to learn mp3 text editing for initial setup if that’s the key, but’s she’s not. No other software please. The manual seems to suggest that content on external card can’t be reselected to play as playlists – it’s stuck in orginal configuration as transferred from computer. That would be a drag.