Folders on card not recognized

I am using 16gb card, about 10gb full, in my 8gb Sansa Clip+. Last night I purchased some music and added it to the card (USB, drag and drop), but it didn’t show up after the refresh. When I looked at the Folders section for the card, I found that the folder into which I had added the music was showing only a single album folder, not the 40 that are actually on the card.

I tried creating a new folder and moving those 40 album folders into it. The card did refresh, showing that new folder, but again, it included only one of the album folders–but a different one this time, apparently the first one that the computer copied to it. I tried again creating a new folder and copied just my newly purchased music (3 album folders), and those showed up fine. Then I tried to copy 5 more album folders, thinking that maybe one folder was a problem and was somehow blocking the others, and only one of them showed up as added. Tried 5 different ones, none of them showed up as added on the Clip+. (They all show up as being on the card through my computer.)

I’m baffled. I don’t know for sure if the 40 album folders were showing up before I tried adding music last night, as it’s been a while since I’ve used the Clip+, so I might not have noticed, since, as I mentioned, the folders and files all show up properly when I look at them on the computer.

I don’t know what to do–should I reformat the card and start over? Or is there something less drastic I can try first? Thanks for any help.

If they all show up on your computer, how about tarnsferring them to your computer; reformatting the Clip+ from its options (as well as reformatting the microSD card, just out of an excess of caution); and then transfer the music back?  That way, you don’t lose your music, and hopefully, the reformattings will fix matters.