Folder View sorts are case sensitive

I was getting the following results when in the Folder View listings, these are 2 folder examples:

A State of Trance 2005

A State Of Trance 2004

See the difference ? I sure didn’t. The upper case “O” was causing the 2nd folder to appear after the first. Folder sorts are not case sensitive in Windows or WMP. Neither are ID3 tags case sensitive - so Album listings will show different results. After I recognized this and changed the “O” in the folder name to “o” I then got what I would have expected.

Sandisk - HELLO. Folder name sorts are NOT supposed to be case sensitive. HELLO.

Why not?  Case sensitivity is just a choice, as to whether to recognize it or no.

More o/s’s are case-sensitive than are not - I wouldn’t be surprised if the o/s of the Clip+ is a linux (or some other 'nux) micro-kernel and all of those are certainly case-aware if not altogether case-sensitive.

I like consistency. The Album list is NOT case sensitive but the Folder list is. I tend to think it would be nice to have them both the same and it would be easier to remember what one had to do. But if YOU like a dozen things with a dozen different necessary ways of doing them then i guess you happy with this situation.