Folder Name Different on MP3 Display Screen

Okay, so here’s the problem. I own a SanDisk Clip Sport 8GB MP3 Player and everytime I rename a folder that I want to import to my MP3 player, the folder name on the MP3 display always ends up being different from the one on my computer. Is there a possible solution to this?


If you are using MUSIC mode, the naming difference could be due to different album data in your ID3 tags.

If you are using FOLDER mode, the naming difference could be due to a truncated title on the mp3 display screen.

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My MP3 files are on the audiobook folder of my MP3 player. Is there any way I can fix this problem so that the name of my folder on my computer matches the name of the folder on my MP3 display?

If you are using BOOKS mode, the naming difference could be due to different data in the ID3 tags of your audio book files compared to your chosen folder name. Try using mp3tag editing software to view your tag data and edit if needed. 

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I don’t know which data to change in the ID3 tags of my audiobook files and folder. Can you provide a specific example of what to change? I’m pretty much stumped at this point.

Alright, I found the ID3 tags, but I don’t know what data I’m supposed to edit. Can you be more specific?

There are several popular ID3 tag editors available for PC and Mac computers.

I like to use the software mp3tag.

If you decide to try this software, you will see several ID3 tag fields in the left panel of the editing screen.

The field “Album” is used by SanDisk players in the mp3 display screen (for Music, Audiobook and Podcast files.)

     If you would like the SanDisk player to display the subfolder names you created inside your Audiobooks folder (using BOOKS mode), then use your subfolder names in the “Album” field of your ID3 tags.

The mp3tag website has a wide variety of helpful information that goes way beyond this liimited discussion.

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Never mind. I managed to figure it out on my own last night. Turns out I don’t even need to download a special software or anything. All I had to do was right-click on my audiofiles, click on "“Properties”,  go to “Details”, then go to where it says “Album” and type in the name of the folder the audiofile belongs to and BINGO! The folder name on my MP3 screen matches the one on my computer!