FM tuning

Out of the box the FM tuner on the player goes up by increments of .1 but with the new firmware it goes up by .2 and only odd numbers. I’ve already tried changing regions and that doesn’t fix the problem. Does anyone know how to change the setting back since european stations can be on both odd and even freqs. 

Odd. Mine goes up in steps of 0.05 (50kHz) and it’s a European version firmware.

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Oops, meant 0.05!

To change the region for your sansa FM, as in a case where you’ll be travelling, all you need to do is load the correct firmware for the region.  Just navigate to the highlighted “sticky” thread for the current firmware, and load the correct version.  Note the letter added to the FW designation.

Loading the firmware is simplified for these machines; download the firmware zip file, unzip it, and you’ll have the .bin file.  I like to keep the binaries in folders labeled for each version, as the firmware unpacks in a folder with the correct name, but the bin files are named alike.

Drag and drop the file into the root directory as described in the firmware download thread (you can indeed use either MSC or MTP mode), and the Clip will load the firmware upon disconnect.

Changing back to the desired version is quite simple!  Just remember that if you are also using the Sansa Updater, the region will remain as your choice when new versions are uploaded.

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you have to go to settings and then go to FM settings and then change the region and or mode

Thanks for the help on  the tuning problem, it works great now.