FM Radio why no station at 96.0khz?

Sansa Clip… Where my favourite station should be (96.0khz) is a ‘silent noise space’, maybe the odd ‘squeak’!. All other fm radios in the house put the station at that frequency as normal, with a perfect reception. Tried auto tuning, and manual tuning. All other channels seem to be there as normal. It happens at all locations (different towns). I have tried a full factory reset, different headphones, to no avail. Bizarre! Can the 96.0khz space be somehow damaged on my unit? Any suggestions?


A Poundland mini fm radio can pick up this channel (BBC Radio 4), sitting side by side with the Sansa, which can’t pick it up!!!


Have you tried changing the FM Region in the settings?

I have tried this, still no signal for BBC Radio 4

Wikipedia says that in Northern Ireland (where I live) BBC Radio 4 is broadcast at 125 power whereas all the other BBC channels are 250 power…not sure what the measurement is!!, but that might expain it. Radio 4 is not as strong a signal, and the radio in this unit is just not strong enough to pick up thatsignal. Interesting though that a Poundland radio can pick it up… I think I’ll return this and buy a different one. Thanks for your help

Try “Mono” instead of “Stereo”!

Tried that too…still the same problem, thanks anyway