FM Radio Station Won't Change

So you are saying no one listens to the radio and changes stations when a song comes on they don’t like. 


Sansa should look into this and FIX IT!  

It’s a software problem. FIX IT!

Stop making excuses for a product not working by blaming the user for using it as intended.  

Dude, with all due respect, chill . . . .

You’ve made your point.  I’m not sure what else you want to do, at this point.  Yes, I can understand and see your frustration.  But it is what it is.

Personally, I just keep one FM station on or occasionally switch to another, but not going back and forth.

And although you’re not going to like hearing this, unlikely that SanDisk will be doing anything with the player’s firmware at this point–no revisions have occurred for ages, and the product is, at this point, “mature.”  Nothing else to do but, adjust and enjoy.   :wink:

Well, legally they have to fix it. UCC is clear on this point. Failure of a product must either be fixed or refund covering cost and damages (or both). 

But before contacting a lawyer, let’s give you the assumption they won’t change the software anymore. They could release the source code so users could fix it themselves. 

Personally, I think they should fix it. It’s broken so they should fix it. 

All I want for starters is someone to reproduce it. I’m using it right now and the behavior seems location dependent. Poor reception areas seem to make it happen faster. 

Next time don’t post a suggestion that a product that doesn’t work is fine, because,… IT IS NOT FINE!

Sigh.  As you’ve been told before, apparently no one here in the forum (other users, just like you–people here generally are not paid SanDisk employees) has expressed an interest to expend the time and energy to try to reproduce the issue you’re having, which you suggest could be unique to your specific circumstances; or others simply are not having your issue.  I’m sorry that you’re having your issue, but your continuing posts here really are mis-spent time by you, at this point.  And no one here has posted anything of the type you most recently have been ascribing.

If you would like to discuss matters with SanDisk itself (which does not actively monitor forum postings), here is its contact info.  Perhaps it can figure something out for you.  Otherwise, depending on how long you’ve waited, your seller might agree to take the item back and issue a refund.


By the way, I did spend my own time and did try this again, and did not have your issue.  I suspect that it relates to the weaker signals in your area (they are strong in mine) and a resulting taxing they may be causing your player’s microprocessor (assuming that you have not received 2 defective players in a row).

OK, just tried with mine, FW 20A.  Seven presets, followed as you outlined - listen, let screen go dark, press rapidly.  No problems like you’ve described (or at all).  Maybe the signal strength (I’m in a pretty urban area with good signal strength), maybe something else.  BUT…not every device has this problem…