FM Playback Issues

When I tried recording an FM broadcast bit of music, the playback seemed be playing it at varying speeds - some normal, some fast. 

I have firmware 01.00.15A2

Any ideas?



The same recording sometimes plays fast? sometimes normal?  or some recordings are always fast?


I have

I have my SE since yesterday and faced the same problem.

I figured out that the problem is that the music starts to slow down, sound metallic and so on from the moment the display gets dark…:angry:

Do the test and playback your recordings while pushing on the buttons so that your screen stays on… 

I’m interested to hear if it works like this for you to… 

of course this is not a solution… if anybody knows one…

ANother thing I noticed about the FM function, is even if you “stop” the station you are on, the system won’t auto sleep like it will when playing MP3s.  It will happily chew through your entire battery.  The only way to stop it in FM mode is to manually shut the system off.