FM Mode

After using my Clip in the FM mode I can’t get out of it. When I turn on the Clip it defaults to the FM mode.

I tried holding the ON position for 15 seconds to try a reset but I only get the FM mode. All looks O.K. when I

look at it connected to a computer. How do I get it back to start in the MENU mode ??

Thanks, Mike

Seemingly, the player simply is returning to the last played mode.  To get to your music, press the small upper right house button and then up or down to Music, and then right click to enter it.

Thanks, That did it !  Mike

The Clip is designed to remember what you were last listening to when turning off the player.  Whether this is an audio file or the FM radio, it goes right back.

So, it really isn’t “stuck”, though it appears to be so.

With the new 29 firmware, the device will power off after muting the FM, after the selected delay.

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New Clip owner, and need to get back to the Menu. Now in the FM mode, and it’s in the wrong language–need the menu but can’t get to it! Pressing the menu button doesn’t do it.

Do I recall that resetting will do the trick?  On switch in the uppermost position for 10-15 seconds.  (And please let us know if that re-sets the language.) 

Yes, it you happen to select the wrong language, performing a soft reset will drop the changes you made during the current session.  When ithe Clip is restarted, your previous language choice will be back.

While the device is saying “goodbye” on the screen on powering down, it is storing your session’s data, the last track played, position, etc.

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Resetting didn’t change language, it reverts to screen previously viewed.  Maybe low battery is cause.

If the power is cycled, the language is stored.

Fear not, you have two ready options. 

Let’s try the first: power up your trusty Clip.  Press the Home button in the upper right.  You can scroll to Settings (you’ll see the familiar EQ slider logo.  Now there’s only one catch: if you have the device operating with a subscription service like Rhapsody, the device has an Account choice in Settings.  This is important, because the number of presses for the scroll will change.

In my case, I have Rhapsody on the device.  So, give the Home button a press to refresh the screen.  You can press it till the cows come home, as long as you find the EQ logo for Settings.

Press the center button once.  Now we have a few options.  When FIRST entering settings, it starts with the Equalizer as the first (top) choice.  In my case, I scroll down the correct number of clicks until finding Language.  Here’s the list:






FM Settings


System Info

Reset All


USB Mode

Press and Hold

As you scroll through these choices, some things may look familiar in the foreign language, for example, you may see something that looks like USB.  Follow the number of steps listed above to scroll back to language, then click the center button.

Now how about something cool and sneaky?  There’s a rolling bar on the right side of the display.  Try scrolling up and down in settings or any other menu.  Note that if there are more than three choices, the rolling bar on the right slides to show you that there are multiple choices not seen.  It’s important that you play with this display for a moment, and don’t panic- choices aren’t being made yet unless you press the center button in these displays.  When in doubt, simply pop the HOME button and you will see the EQ / Settings logo, and you’re back!

Okay, back to the rolling bar on the right. Press the home button, and you’re in settings.  Press the center button ONCE, and you have a lot of choices.  Scroll up until the wee bar tops out.  If you go too far, it jumps to the bottom!  STOP when it does, and scroll back ONE click.  Bingo!  you are at the TOP of the list.  Use the guide above to go the correct number of clicks down to Language, noting that ACCOUNT will be missing if you don’t subscribe to a service.

Click on &#%^ or “language”, and look again at the scroll bar on the right.  Find the TOP one just as you did previously.  The FIRST choice is English.

Cool, huh?

Now for choice number two.  When in doubt, reloading the FIRMWARE gives the language choice again, starting with English.  If all seems lost, follow the firmware thread and install a new copy.

Hope this helps!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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Excellent advise and great tips–and you have saved the day!  I’m ready to venture forward with learning more about the clip. Thanks so much.