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I took the Free (for non-commercial use only) version. Got it up and running. Converted an .flv to avi and ran that through my Sansa Media Coverter with the Fuze connected. the whole process took a while but it worked on a 22 minute vid

We have something better yet. It is called vide4fuze and you don’t need to convert the video twice to make it work.

I can’t convert flv with video4fuze. Only AVI’s. What I’m doing wrong ? Can someone tell me ?

Where do I get it and how easy is it to use? My prism is practically turnkey

Found it. Got it and did a head-to-head. .flv convert. 1 trial

The up-to-date version also loaded all the needed support things like Python so that I could just install and go


Quality of output: Nearly Identical; indistinguishable

Versatility: Prism does a bit better for vids but video4fuze does more Fuze-related stuff

Differences: Prism output needs to go through SMC and it also puts a thm file in Fuze but does load directly. video4fuze goes to a folder but skips the need for SNC, saving time. and does not put in the eixtra file

Use: Prism tells you more about what you are doing and can do. video4fuze has very little instruction but is practically turnkey, set your folders, get the file, hit convert and move the file from the output folder to Fuze. You’re done

Conclusion: For our purposes here video4fuze wins the first shootout by saving the SMC covert step (considerable time) and not having an extraneeous file (thm). NICE!

However, If, like me, you’re a two-player kinda guy then listen up. Just for kicks, I tried to use the avi created by v4f in my Connect with no luck, I could not even load it. This means that if you want to put .flv’s in your Connect then you will need the two-step process .flv->avi avi->sansa usable avi to player, in which case the free NCH Prism -> SMC is still your best shot.

So I guess if I want to watch any vids during the hurricane, I’ll be going back to Prism since I’ll be using my Fuze to keep in touch with the FM station for weather updates.

Here is a massive 50+ MB package of software setups. I am putting it here because it includes programs thaat would be of interest here. IrfanView and its plugin set., an implimentation of Video4fuze that includes all the support modules (QT, Python, etc) and AudioShell which adds to Propeties the ability to create and edit mp3 ID3 tags There are other programs that may be of interest such as a 16 track 24 bit recording studio, virtual Vox combo organ and virtual Ensoniq SQ-80 synthesizer

Here is the Access and Descriptor page

Just wanna convert flv to your favorite formats at a high speed?

I recommend you a video converter I have used before for your reference. It is called boilsoft video converter, which can convert flv to all popular formats in a flash. After using it, you won’t consider the converting is boring.

Here is the Portal: http://www.boilsoft.com/videoconverter/index.html

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