flickr problem

Every time i try to get into flickr to see the pictures for the day it says that yahoo service is currently down and to try again some other time. The internet radio works well and the yahoo music on the go works well also. This has been like this for about a month now and i tried almost eveything can someone help fix this?

What, exactly, have you tried?  Saying you tried “almost everything” doesn’t really tell us anything because everyone has a different concept of what “everything” is.

Have you tried shutting the Connect down completely and turning it back on?

Have you gone as far as trying the Recovery Tool?

I tried the recovery tool, turning it completely off by holding the power botton for 30 seconds and completely reseting the connect through the options.

I just fixed the problem all i had to do was a factory reset and now its working again.

Message Edited by LDR on 04-28-2008 07:59 AM