Flashing light on Cruser and errors putting files on flash drive.

I have a new 4gb Cruser and I can format the drive as fat32 label the drive but as soon as I go to copy 400 meg of pictures to the drive it goes from a slow glowing pulse (like breathing) to a medium flash then after it copies 5-7 pictures the drive stops accepting data and starts flashing rapid (240 flashes per min) then it throws an error… Error splicing file: Input/output error.

My cruser 32 Gb works fine.

This type thing happens in Ubuntu and windows XP.  I thought it was a bad flash drive but after I exchanged it today I still have the same problem.

Is it a bad batch of drives?  Or do I need to do something different.

any guidance would be appreciated …

" any guidance would be appreciated … "

Try using a device that you haven’t formated.  Does that work? 

Are you connecting the device to a hub or directly into the machine?  Inadequate power can cause that problem.