Flashdrive not detected after formatting on JVC TV

I loaded some movie clips onto my new 32gb flashdrive on my PC. Plugged into my JVC TV and although it detected it, there was no option to play. A Youtube video suggested I format it via the TV. I knew I’d lose the content, but figured I could just put it on there again from the PC. But when I returned it to the PC, now that won’t recognise it. Simply won’t come up in the menu, so I can’t even reformat it on the PC.

You can try a few things to fix your USB problem, start by running the Device Manager of your Windows PC and make sure that the driver is correctly detected and the correct driver is installed. If problems persist, try updating the driver. Next, use Disk Management (accessed by right-clicking “This PC” or “My Computer” and selecting “Manage”) to locate your USB drive, where you can try assigning or configuring new drive letters no Alternatively, Use the Command Prompt with DiskPart commands to flush and create the drive. If the drive still cannot be found, fix the PC specifications and try on another computer. Consider using data recovery software to recover important files before formatting (which erases all data). If none of these methods work, the USB drive may be faulty and will need to be replaced

In the JVC TV’s user manual what format does it say it formats USB drives to? An Apple format isn’t usable on a pc, Linux ext formats aren’t usable on a pc, etc. DiskPart may be able to delete the partition on the USB drive which should allow it to be reallocated and formatted.