FlashCards For Fuze

I have a spanish learning podcast and they were mentioning for the premier extras they have flashcards for the other player.  I don’t have the money to buy the premier extras (and it’s not in the usa and the dollar is too weak anyway).  So I was wondering if I could create my own.   And I found a way.

FlashCards using Power Point - You can follow this and then stop on step 8.  This is where you use the SMC.  These will convert them to photos.  I created a new folder (but for some reason couldn’t rename it) to find it easier or it went under My Photos where I have a ton (drag and drop after).  I also put them on the micro memory card and it worked fine.  I  copied from a pdf file and put it on powerpoint and it worked like photos.  They do have to be rather large to view and read though.  Trying just text, I found size 32 font is easy to read, but not too easy.  Size 44 font is large but a good size.  So anywhere in between.  Just practice to what works for you.

Not sure how to do other text documents and put them into the Fuze.  Just using PowerPoint right now.  If someone else knows how that might be helpful.

I thought this might be good for those who are in a class setting and want to review without paper or anyone who wants to put text on their mp3 player.